Recent Projects

Basalt FRP reinforcing mesh supply

Material supplied: BlackBar™ basalt FRP reinforcing mesh.
Client – Marine and Civil
Reinforcing mesh SL 81 made from basalt frp bars was supplied to Marine and Civil for Alfords point bridge repairs.
Being non corrosive and eco friendly, basalt rebar is the best choice for concrete repairs in marine environment.

Basalt fibres supply

Material supplied: BlackBar™ basalt fibres for concrete reinforcement.
Client – Firemex
30mm basalt fibres were supplied to Firemex for manufacturing of fire rated concrete blocks.
Being temperature resistant and eco friendly, basalt fibre is the best choice for concrete reinforcement products.

Fibreglass rebar supply

Material supplied: BlackBar™ fibreglass rebar 16mm diameter, basalt geogrid mesh
Client – Max Marine Services
Fibreglass 16mm rebar and geogrid mesh was supplied to Max Marine Services for structural repairs of piling foundation in Sydney.
Fibreglass FRP rebar is an economical and durable solution for general construction and foundation repairs.