The KODI KLIP System is the revolutionary new solution to the century-old problem of fastening rebar. The KODI KLIP no-wire, automated, rebar fastening system works on any construction site, and is ideal for high-density mats in bridges, roads, and slabs. The K-KLIPS’ secure, four-way grip holds tight, eliminating wracking and streamlining work flow. Finally workers get a tool that enables them to fasten rebar tighter, faster and with fewer injuries, thereby lowering costs and increasing productivity and profit.

The KODI KLIP System gives you a faster, safer, and better way to make rebar connections. Instead of time- consuming wire ties or expensive welds, the KODI KLIP System will make the majority of the connections in any precast or pre-stressed production process.
The K-KLIPS work great on both horizontal and vertical applications, as well as curved, round, and cage work. Cages maintain their shape when free standing, eliminating the need for diagonal support bars and excessive wheel spacers.

Beyond Materials Group is a distributor of KODI KLIP System in Australia. From our head office in Gold Coast we are able to ship our products Australia wide.



-General construction
-Precast products
-Foundations and walls
-Coastline reinforcement


-Light Weight
-High Strength
-Corrosion Resistance


-Four-point grip
-Effortless application
-Quick loading
-Compact and easy to use