Composite Bent Bar

FRP Corner and starter bars are pieces of composite FRP bars which are used to connect structural sections at right angles. They enable reinforcement to continue around corners to enable a continuous pour of concrete regardless of the shape of the structure.

FRP Corner and starter bars are made using FRP rebars and come in a variety of standard sizes and they can be cut and bent to a custom specification if required.

Unlike steel reinforcing bars, FRP rebar cannot be reshaped once they are manufactured. Various bends can only be produced during the manufacturing process. Field bending of FRP bars is not possible.

Most industry standard bent shapes such as ligatures, corner and starter bars, stirrups, V and U shapes are available in Black Bar GFRP. Standard shape codes are used or customized shape can be fabricated.

Tensile strength – 1000 Mpa.

Compoite FRP Bent Rebar is available in 8-20 mm diameters.

Beyond Materials Group PTY LTD is a growing Australian manufacturer of  GFRP rebars. From our factory in Yatala, Queensland we manufacture and  ship our FRP products Australia wide.

Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth.



-Marine construction
-Precast products
-Coastline reinforcement


-2 times stronger than steel
-5 times lighter than steel
-Fibreglass rebar is naturally resistant to alkali, rust and acids.
-Moisture penetration from concrete does not spall.


-Fibreglass rebar has the same thermal coefficient expansion as concrete.
-Smaller rods allow for more critical spacing and designs.
-Fibreglass rebar is easily cut to length with regular tools.
-Fibreglass rebar does not conduct electricity or induce fields when exposed to RF energy, great for MRI or data buildings.