Basalt exhaust wrap

Smooth woven Basalt Exhaust wrap tape capable of withstanding temperatures of 750°C direct heat and 1100°C radiated heat making it ideal for for turbo engine installations. Up to 25% stronger than standard woven glass tape.

Basalt exhaust tape is normally 50mm wide by 10 metres long roll. The wrap can be held in place with lock wire or the stainless steel tie wraps.

Using basalt exhaust wrap can increase the performance of your engine. Wrapping the headers of your exhaust system will effectively prevent your exhaust tubes from cooling down, therefore keeping the exhaust gases of your engine at a high temperature. Maintaining the exhaust gases at higher temperatures increases performance on several levels. For example, when travelling at higher speeds the gases will increase the scavenging effect and improve the performance of the intake and exhaust systems as a whole. The exhaust gases are therefore removed faster from your exhaust system when hot. Exhaust wrapping also expels the hot exhaust gases more quickly due to decreased density, leaving room for purer, cooler air in and around the combustion chamber. This will increase the quality of the air-fuel mixture and thus improve the engine performance.

To help with fitting basalt exhaust wrap, you can moisten the wrap to make it more pliable (do not soak the material). Once moistened, wrap the material around selected pipe and secure in place, ideally with a stainless steel tie. Then tightly wrap the rest of the pipe, overlapping by approximately 1/4 inch (6mm) each time. Then fasten at the other end with another tie. More ties can be added to help secure in place if required. As a rough guide, 50mm diameter pipe will use approximately 1200mm of 50mm wide wrap per foot (300mm) of pipe. Likewise, 3 inch diameter pipe will use around 59 inches (1500mm) of 2 inch wide wrap per foot of pipe.

Beyond Materials Group is able to supply high quality basalt exhaust tape and sleeve according to client specifications. From our head office in Gold Coast we are able to ship our carbon fibre products Australia wide.

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