Chopped basalt fibre

BlackBar™  Basalt fibre is made by chopping continuous basalt fibre into short lengths.

Basalt fibres were designed to reduce the shrinkage cracks in concrete. These fibres are to be seen as substitutes to the commonly known polypropylene and steel fibres.


Basalt fibres can mix homogeneously with the fresh concrete and this in turn results in a reduction of the shrinkage in the screed. As a result, bending, tensile strength and surface quality of the concrete are increased and the surface quality of the concrete component is improved. Dispergated fibres are great for mixing with fresh mortars, screeds and similar cementitious matrices.

Basalt fibre provides high adhesion to concrete without deterioration of the reinforcing properties over time. It is a corrosion resistant material that does not get inflamed even exposed to open fire.
  • Common Dosage: 2-12kg per cube of concrete
  • Tensile strength – 1100 Mpa
  • Sustained Operating Temperature: 600ºC
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -260ºC
  • Density: 2.75 g/cubic cm

BlackBar™  is a growing manufacturer of nonferrous basalt FRP materials and can meet your specification and quality requirements for a wide variety of custom applications. From our head office in Yatala, Queensland we are able to ship our basalt products Australia wide.

Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth.



-Concrete furniture


-Light Weight
-High Strength
-High-Impact Strength
-Design Flexibility
-Corrosion Resistance


-Crack resistance
-Increasing durability of concrete
-Tensile strength in bending
-Impact strength
-Compression strength
-Water resistance