Fibreglass and Basalt reinforced polymer (GFRP and BFRP) reinforcement is emerging as a practical solution to eliminate the corrosion problem of steel reinforcements in concrete structures. Unique characteristics and long-term durability of FRP rebars and reinforcing mesh is crucial to extending its application especially in structures subject to aggressive environments.

Advantages of concrete reinforced with Fibreglass and Basalt FRP composite rebars include:

  • Twice stronger than steel in tensile characteristics
  • FRP rebars are non-corrosive when exposed to a number of environmental elements.
  • Easy to cut and install due to lightweight – 1/4 the weight of Steel
  • Zero maintenance
  • Magnetically transparent and do not interrupt electromagnetic fields.

When it comes to the cost and durability, fiberglass and basalt frp reinforcement is an ideal rehabilitation material which can be used in severe environmental conditions. This is the reason why fiberglass and basalt rebars and mesh are being widely used for building new structures and rehabilitating the existing ones.

Beyond Materials Group PTY LTD is a growing Australian manufacturer of Basalt and Fibreglass FRP materials that can meet your specification and quality requirements. From our head office in Yatala, Queensland we manufacture and supply our FRP products Australia wide.

BlackBar™ FRP reinforcement is a trade mark of Beyond Materials Group PTY LTD

Concrete Susceptible to Corrosion

• Waste Water Treatment Facilities
• Swimming Pools
• Coastal Construction exposed to Salt Spray
• Sea Walls, Wharfs & Dry Docks
• Desalinization Intakes
• Port Aprons

ConcrTunneling & Mining

• Sequential Excavation or NATM Tunneling
• Deep Foundation Tunnel Boring Machine “Soft-Eye” Opening
for Launch & Reception
• Temporary Reinforcement
• Rock Bolts

Building & Historic Preservation

• Historic Preservation – Restoration & Pinning of Stone Elements
• Architecture Concrete Elements
• Slabs

Exposure of Concrete to De-Icing Chlorides

• Bridges & Railings
• Median Barriers
• Parking Structures
• Approach Slabs
• Continuously Reinforced Concrete Paving
• Precast Elements
• Salt Storage Facilities

Exposure of Concrete to High Voltages & Electromagnetic Fields

• Light & Heavy Rail
• High Voltage Substations
• Radio Frequency Sensitive Areas
• Cable Ducts & Banks
• Hospital MRI Areas
• Aluminum Smelters & Steel Mills
• High Speed Highway Tolling Zones
• Airport Radio & Compass Calibration Pads